BEST SELLER Screening: Gracilis Slender Weaver (Bambusa textilis var gracilis)


Bambusa Textilis Gracilis - favourite bamboo for screening & privacy.  Hide a two storey house or building fast. Upright & Green. Can be manicured. Culms useful for craft and weaving. Requires over half a metre for a garden bed.

Variety of sizes up to 4 metres tall currently available - please contact us for a quote.


  • Grows quickly - 6 to 8 metres (depending on conditions)
  • Top seller - can be used in pots planters, for a screen/hedge!
  • Position - Sun / Slight shade / Wind / Cool
  • Planting guide: 75cm-1.5m distance between plants

Why Not Use Bamboo Slender Weaver for Privacy?

Imagine living in your dream home. It has all the room you need for your family, beautiful interior finishes, enough packing and storage space, and tremendous potential should you wish to make some changes in the future. The yard is big enough for the children to play, and everything about your home seems perfect, except for one thing, your neighbour to the left of your property has a huge shed that you must glare at each time you walk outside. There is a perfect solution to your dilemma, clumping bamboo and, more specifically, Bamboo Slender Weaver that you can manipulate to screen the view of that annoying shed.

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