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Albostriata Creamstripe (Bambusa spp albostriata)

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$36.00 - $98.00
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Size pot: 300mm
Mature height: 7-10m

Albostriata Creamstripe

Good upright 2-storey straight screener, forming a dense, green clump taking up little space. Being upright and resilient ideal and able to perform in a narrow garden or driveway situation. Culms are decorative, with green and creamy gold stripes.

Landscaping enquiries welcomed.

Often called the 'poor mans Gracilis' as it has similar growing properties to the Gracilis Slender Weaver, but is more affordable. Other common names are Albo, GoldstripeAlbo.


  • Grows quickly to 7-9m tall
  • Position-sunny/cold/ exposed - Hardy smaller variety
  • Poles good for garden stakes
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200mm pots - by courier box (1m tall box) - order through the website. For larger orders we hand deliver from Brisbane - Sydney each month.

300mm pots & 45L bags - Van drop or by pallet for larger orders. Please contact us with your address for a no-obligations shipping quote.