Goldstripe Albostriata (Bambusa spp albostriata)


Goldstripe Albostriata 

Good upright 2-storey straight screener, forming a dense, green clump taking up little space. Being upright and resilient ideal and able to perform in a narrow garden or driveway situation. Culms are decorative, with green and creamy gold stripes.

Landscaping enquiries welcomed.

Often called the 'poor mans Gracilis' as it has similar growing properties to the Gracilis Slender Weaver, but is more affordable.


  • Grows quickly to 7-9m tall
  • Position-sunny/cold/ exposed - Hardy smaller variety
  • Poles good for garden stakes

Customer Reviews

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John Barnett
Healthy Plant

Please ask me in 12 months time ; only received the plant yesterday.

Glad you love them! We can't wait to hear how much they grow in a year - and with all this rain lately they are going to love it :)

Amanda Vance
5 Star service

Fantastic service, great bamboo… looking forward to watching it grow. Thank you Sam.

Jennifer Salkeld

Goldstripe Albostriata (Bambusa spp albostriata)

Still growing!

So first of all I was very pleased with the speed that it arrived. 3 days to Adelaide in the middle of the lockdown and the Goldstripe was in fantastic condition.
Unfortunately since I planted the Goldstripe Bamboo about 14 days ago, Adelaide has had gail force winds for about 10 of the 14 days and the coldest day for 36 years! It has also flooded the Goldstripe a number of times.
But, the Goldstripe bamboo looks just a healthy as when I got it. Infact it is putting out new growth all over and is looking super healthy. Tuff little bugger!
I'm guessing that it will boom once the sun finally comes out.
Thanks heaps guys.

Carol Lambert
Awesome Service

Very impressed with the quality of the plants. They all arrived nice and fresh, and ready to plant. It was a very simple process from ordering online to the delivery.
Well done Sam!

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