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Which Bamboo for What Area ...

Over 12 years or more growing and selling bamboo plants, this is the question I have been asked over and over.  My response is:

1. How tall do you want it to grow ?  

2. Is it to screen out a particular building.i.e. Apartments next door/a shed/noisy roadway.

3. How big is your garden bed and whats your soil like.  

4. Do you need instant or would you like to wait and watch the bamboo grow.

5. Its it a hot sunny area ? Or shady, and very important do you get wind or frost ?

The answers these 5 plus questions give me is a way of narrowing down the species that is right for your own individual needs.   If you need advice - I am just a call or email away.  Cheers Kaye

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Neneh Tunis - January 23, 2019

Forgot to add that our bamboo will be grown on farms (several hectares),
For the use of mainly timber ad screening.


Neneh Tunis - January 23, 2019

Hello Kaye,
I have recently become interested in bamboo farming for its many benefits including environmental.
We currently nurse various tree crops in our nursery and I am keen to include bamboo. Our farms are in the rural areas in Sierra Leone which has a tropical climate. Can you please advise on which species are conducive to our climate?
Thanks in advance.

peter Ballantine - January 23, 2019

hi am wishing to purchase some bamboo for my garden here in werris creek nsw 2341,i am installing a pond with fish in it and want to create a balinese japanese style garden also boreders along my fence that wont grow to high ie 2m,do you deliver here and what species to you sugest thank you peter

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