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How to fertilise your Bamboo

How to fertilise your Bamboo

Need some tips on how to fertilise your garden and how often... read ahead!


A. New planting

For a 200mm pot recommend add 35g per pot upon planting.
300mm pot >> add 80g per pot upon planting
45L bag >> add 100g per bag upon planting

How to apply to new planting:

  • Once plant is in ground, backfill almost to top (2 inches/5cm) then apply fertilizer evenly to area surrounding the culms/poles.
  • Continue to backfill remainder of soil.
  • Water in and give them a good 1-minute slow drink.

B. Annual maintenance

Topping up your bamboo with nutrients is suggested every 6-7 months - best months in our experience to feed are early Aug/Sep and in Jan/Feb. Fertilizer is best applied prior to a storm or expected rain to help soak it in.

How to apply to existing bamboo:

  • Remove top layer of mulch or organic leaves to expose soil. Keep mulch handy.
  • Sprinkle fertiliser evenly around base of bamboo. 
  • Water over top of fertilizer to settle (approx 1 min).
  • Re-apply mulch that was removed in step 1.

Dosage for annual maintenance, for time in ground:

1-2 years old >> add 35g per plant
2-4 years old >> add 80g per plant
5+ years old >> add 100g per plant

Any questions or help needed don't hesitate to get in touch > or call Matt on 0417721909.

Best fertiliser recommended is our Pro Grade Bamboo Pro Fertiliser 8-9 month slow release that we use in the nursery - click HERE to re-order.

Image: keeping your soil in good health is important! Bamboo typically grows in the surface soil down to 30cm, so ensuring they are fed right is key for healthy green leaves.

Tip: if you leaves are turning yellow... might mean they need some more nutrients in the soil.



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