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Bamboo for Gardens - Which is best for you?

Bamboo for Gardens - Which is best for you?

So if you are looking for a screen, privacy that grows quick - Clumping bamboo is the answer.

But... no two bamboos are the same... so first things first you need to figure out which type is right for you - as we are a big believer in "the right plant for the right spot". The best way to decide is to think through 3 main questions:

  1. What height do you want it to grow to?
  2. What is the Landscape use?
  3. What shape do you like?

If you go to our Bamboo Shop page you can help search with these terms. Follow the selection boxes and choose the items that best fit your needs. This should help to reduce down the options for you and you will be able to make some choices from there.

Next consideration is how big you want them when you plant them... or what your patience level is at. We always recommend buying to your budget, and instead of needing mature plants, spend a little time to prep the soil and put in a simple irrigation system that will allow your plants to grow faster once they are in.

Species of bamboo do differ, but generally the pot sizes are:

So.... if you are still really unsure, reach out to us, send us a few photos of your area, what your preferences are, and we'll send you a free online recommendation on what might work best. 

Email us at or call Matt on 0417721909.

As we love to help you get the best results for bamboo in your gardens!

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Lucas Marsters - June 8, 2022

Looking to get some screening going. Live out in Bacchus March and the property backs into a valley that can see some fairly aggressive winds.

I wish to plant between a retaining wall and a fence that gets partial sun. 10-2pm.

Looking for a recommendation. Thank you.

Justin Stafford - June 8, 2022

Hi, I liked the look of your white wall with the bamboo privacy screen. What height does it grow to? The other question is I have a retaining wall with a very thin bed at the top. It’s it safe to put in somewhere like that?

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Planting Advice

How many bamboos will I need?

In residential areas, it is typical to space plants 80cm - 1.5m apart. Adjacent to a colourbond fence, the recommendation is to plant one at each post and one in between, which results in a 1.2m gap between plants.

How do I prune and maintain bamboo plants?

Pruning and maintenance are essential for keeping bamboo healthy and attractive in the garden... but it's not as often or time consuming as you'd think! Typically bamboo only really needs to be pruned once or twice a year. To prune and maintain your bamboo, just cut the culm (pole/shoot) at the height you want. That bamboo culm then grows no taller than the height you pruned. You can also remove older culms, and conduct routine maintenance tasks like fertilising, watering, and pest control for optimal health and appearance. For more tips you can head to our Garden Coach page.

Does bamboo grow out of control?

Our lovely clumping bamboo plants have shallow roots, with NON-invasive rootballs that grow in a neat circular footprint. They actually have fine fibrous grass-like roots that are much safer than most palms and trees! Similar to a ginger plant you eat. For added peace of mind, consider installing a root barrier. Explore our Garden Coach section for an informative article on bamboo care and containment methods.


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