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Growing Bamboo in Summer

Growing Bamboo in Summer

How to Prepare your Garden

Before you even buy a plant its important to get familiar with your soil and sun/shade factors.  

Clay or Sand - Moist or Dry ?  Check out the condition by observing what else grows well.

If its clay you will need to break up the soil and add Gypsium or a breaking agent.  It will then allow drainage.  It its Sandy had some good composty material and work through.  Delay planting for a few weeks to let nutrients do their work.

We refer to planting in ground. Future blogs will cover Pot/Planter culture. Landscaping ask us for advice.

  • Soil - provide good top soil
  • Check Sun/Shade factor
  • Check water availability
  • Remove weeds & rocks, tree roots 
  • Good nutrients i.e. high Nitrogen fertiliser
  • Deep base watering for the 1st weeks
  1. Buy high nitrogen organic fertiliser
  2. Water in Seasol or liquid Fish Emulsion
  3. Light covering of mulch only
  4. Note:  Planting instructions are sent with every order.
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