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Cooking with Bamboo

Cooking with Bamboo

Thai Curry with Bamboo shoots 

Note: Oldhamii or Latisflorus shoots are ideal

Harvest and trim place in fridge simmer for 20 mins in salted water with a few grains of rice. Refresh water and continue for 10 mins. Allow to cool. Slice. 

3 Tablespoons oil

- gently heat in large pan 

half tin of good curry paste green or Red

stir together for approx 5 mins

add half tin coconut cream

blend together 

Add 2 tablespoons soya saucd

1 dash of oyster sauce

tablespoon of sugar or palm sugar

sprinkle of Italian herbs

salt and pepper little bit

Stir to combine bring to slow heat 

add 3 chicken thighs if liked

chopped garlic onion carrots capsicum 


cook stirring occAsionally and adding more coconut milk

next chopped basil 

Bamboo shoots 

stir cook slowly for 20 minutes 

add snow peas st the end

Serve with rice 

bon appetit 



Planting Advice

How many bamboos will I need?

In residential areas, it is typical to space plants 80cm - 1.5m apart. Adjacent to a colourbond fence, the recommendation is to plant one at each post and one in between, which results in a 1.2m gap between plants.

How do I prune and maintain bamboo plants?

Pruning and maintenance are essential for keeping bamboo healthy and attractive in the garden... but it's not as often or time consuming as you'd think! Typically bamboo only really needs to be pruned once or twice a year. To prune and maintain your bamboo, just cut the culm (pole/shoot) at the height you want. That bamboo culm then grows no taller than the height you pruned. You can also remove older culms, and conduct routine maintenance tasks like fertilising, watering, and pest control for optimal health and appearance. For more tips you can head to our Garden Coach page.

Does bamboo grow out of control?

Our lovely clumping bamboo plants have shallow roots, with NON-invasive rootballs that grow in a neat circular footprint. They actually have fine fibrous grass-like roots that are much safer than most palms and trees! Similar to a ginger plant you eat. For added peace of mind, consider installing a root barrier. Explore our Garden Coach section for an informative article on bamboo care and containment methods.


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