Slender Weavers (Gracilis)

Gracilis - the favourite bamboo for screening & privacy.  Hide a two storey house or building fast. Upright & Green.  Great sizes and quality plants available now.

Will grow in planters and spots. Can be manicured.

Use in windy coastal areas or farms.  Will tolerate frost. 

Culms useful for craft and stakes. Grows average 6 metres depending on conditions.



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Slender Weavers (Gracilis)

Bambusa Textilis Gracilis Grows to 500cm - 800cm
200mm $49.50 250mm $82.50 300mm $110.00 400mm $165.00
Pot size
Price $49.50
Grows to
500cm - 800cm
Growth rate
Super Fast
Sun / Slight shade / Wind/ Cool
Water requirements