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Tools: Tajima Bamboo Prune G-Saw™ Rapid-Pull 240mm

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This is our favourite saw on the market to cut and harvest bamboo - from small to large bamboo. Useful & Tough for all kinds of pruning jobs, sliding through branches and culms with ease. Fits in your pocket with a great safe flip in-out catch.

Replacement blades also available meaning you can just switch out the blades and keep using the handle for years of pruning use.

  • Pruning Saw with folding handle.
  • Elastomer grip handle.
  • 240mm Lock Blade.
  • Tapered 9 TPI multipurpose blades.
  • Use GKB-G240 replacement blades.

 Please contact us if the freight isn't looking right - as sometimes the system over estimates the size of box needed! ...and we can do you up a manual quote.

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