Taiwan Jade (Bambusa dolichomerithalia)


Taking on the Gracilis slender weaver in the medium screening category is the increasingly popular Taiwan Jade. With vivid green culms/poles and prominent darker green striations on the underside of the leaf, the Taiwan Jade bamboo stands almost upright keeping it’s clump tight. The wide dark green leaves give a gorgeous contrast in gardens, and have very minimal leaf drop year-round compared with other species. Young culms/poles are decorative with their white powdery bloom. A spectacular, tightly clumping specimen. Makes an excellent medium height living screen or feature plant.


  • Grows average 7-9m - with a 1-2 metre footprint.
  • Decorative green leafy plant with minimal leaf drop.
  • Good in cooler climates.
  • Great for around pools or shared fencelines.

Please note shipment of 300mm and 45L plants will need to be priced separately. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

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