Bamboo for Pots or Planters

Bamboo for Planters & Pots

Several different bamboos go well indoors in pots or planters on a balcony, verandah.

We like Multiplex Goldstripe, Boniopsis (Bonnie)  and Chinese Dwarf for pots or planters in a sunny area.  They can both be trimmed and kept neat and to the size you want. For larger planters or troughs Gracilis can also work well,  

If a soft potted bamboo for a covered or shady area Himalayan varieties are ornamental and stay for a long time in this environment.

Large bamboo for an urn or tub (huge pot) Oldhamii can stay looking good if you want something tall.  It does require very regular watering .

TIGER GRASS can also provide a great screen in a planter box around a pool or deck provided it has good nutrients.

Note:  ALL plants need regular potting mix top-up, fertilising and regular watering.

If you don't want to water your bamboo, think about a few bamboo poles as a maintenance free alternative !!! 

Screen a Balcony

Bamboo for Planters & Pots

Using bamboo in planters which can be moved, kept small and add some colour to a dull brick wall.  

Bamboo is shown in red planters... use Gracilis or Goldstripe to get this effect.

Pots-on-Line supply the planters.

Around a water feature or small courtyard

Bamboo for Planters & Pots

Khasia or Purple Jade (common names) Himalayan blue does a good job in a pot - looks great around a water feature or front door - especially if that area has a little shade from the hot sun.

Any of the smaller bamboos will stay in pots a lot longer than the big ones. i.e. wont' require repotting regularly although they do need care.  Please ask us for advice .

Other suggestions

Bamboo for Planters & Pots

Small Himalayan Bamboo varieties do well in a pot, in partial shade giving a delicate feature around a pond.  They will only stay small, can be styled,  plus can later be planted out in your garden .. when a nice shelter spot is found, on a fence line or around a water feature.  They will never be a problem unlike the invasive species.

Yet the best of all bamboos for pots are the running varieties...unique beautiful varieties.yes gasp .. they are invasive but they can do a great job in a planter box provided adequate drainage and barriers are provided. Only one plant is required to grow and fill up the space.   They actually do a better job than clumping bamboos which do their thing much better in the ground !  Never plant a running bamboo from a pot in the grarden or give a 'cutting' to a friend unless you are sure they are not going to plant it out in their backyard only to find 5 years later... there is no backyard - just running bamboo taking over the neighbourhood !