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Malay Dwarf Green (Bambusa heterostachya)

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Size: 200mm
Mature height: 3-5m

This attractive erect green ornamental makes a nice smaller statement in the garden or creates a great controllable hedge. Will grow taller than its specified height with no lower leaves when grown in a canopy.

Also commonly known as Gigantochloa sp var Malay Dwarf or Bambusa heterostachya.


  • Grows average 4-6m - with a 1-2 metre footprint.
  • Decorative green leafy plant with minimal leaf drop.
  • Good in cooler climates.

Dwarf Malay Bamboo: The Perfect Hedge

Whether you seek relief from a nosy neighbour or strong winds, or you just want some hardy, evergreen decorative greenery in the back yard, Dwarf Malay Bamboo is the ideal choice of plant. This ancient grass has been cultivated for thousands of years for its decorative and practical properties, and it is still a popular choice today.

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