Latiflorus (Taiwan Giant) Bamboo


Dendrocalamus Latiflorus

Magnificient big bamboo. You need a large area for this variety. Harvested for light construction Poles / edible Shoots (see our Thai Curry Recipe!).  

Latiflorus is fairly quick growing, after the first year or two, and extremely low maintenance once established. Because it is such a big bamboo, it can take a little while to get going but once it does, it can become fully grown in almost 3-4 years. Imagine a tree growing that fast! It is also very drought tolerant, so perfect for acreage. When there is a lot of rain just before and during spring, Latiflorus sends up a huge amount of shoots. When we have a lengthy dry period, it holds off producing new shoots until the rain comes.

Allow a big space to grow this bamboo and make sure you have access if harvesting is your goal.


  • Huge tropical bamboo ideal for edible shoots
  • 10-18 metres tall with 70-150 mm culms
  • Position-Sunny/Part Shade

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