Slender Weavers
Bambusa Textilis Gracilis

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Top Selling Garden Bamboo - manicured screen of Bambusa Textilis Gracilis makes a awesome garden feature. This photo of a wonderful bamboo landscaping design is from Secret Garden - Randwick Sydney. 

200mm $49.50
250mm $82.50
300mm $110.00

(all prices are inc. gst)

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Slender Weavers

Slender Weavers image

This beautiful  6-8  metre bamboo is a landscaping favourite,  the best bamboo to hide your neighbours, give privacy and stay looking good.  Featured in many gardening magazines - disease free, straight growing.  Hide your neighbours fast or add a windbreak... can be planted in a confined area.  

Gracilis is useful for garden stacks, curain rails and also of course as a weaving bamboo.

When mature has swaying leaf mass at the top and tight culms that are impenetrable. Culms usually 15-30 mm wide. Very suitable for planting in sunny sandy or windy areas will even tolerate some frost.  Plant 1.25m apart for a tight screen . Can be trimmed to size - suggest plant in garden beds more than half a metre wide.   See images taken at Byron Bay residential home next to a service station, with 2 years this bamboo has given them total blockout and noise control.

Currently - Average size - 200 mm pots 1.m tall.  250 mm pots average 2m plus. Easy for courier delivery.

Larger sizes need to be sent by truck.

As  300mm pots over 2.5 -3 metres.

NOTE:  45L Bags  4-5 metres plus.   *Currently very low on stock of this size please order ahead.*