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Goldstripe Bamboo (Bambusa Multiplex Goldstripe)

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$68.00 - $240.00
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Size pot: 200mm
Mature height: 3-5m

Goldstripe - Bambusa Multiplex Goldstripe

Good for smaller gardens to screen out a 1 storey Neighbour. Being upright - Goldstripe is resilient and ideal to perform in a narrow garden or driveway situation. Less foliage more culms in bottom 1m, with green leaves from 1m up. Also great for dappled light.


  • Typically height 3-4 metres - can grow up to 5m in some climates.
  • Position - can handle sunny/cold/exposed areas - Hardy smaller upright variety.
  • Poles will go golden as they mature. Sizes are good for garden stakes.
  • Shape - upright so great for skinny garden beds.
  • Planting distance - from 50cm to 1m between plants depending on how tight you want the look.

200mm pots can be packaged up and delivered by box to your door, but please contact us for shipment of 300mm pots or larger as we use a plant freighter. 

Landscaping enquiries welcomed. 


Plant Gold Stripe Bamboo for Perfect Screens

Bamboo has been popular for thousands of years, both for its aesthetic and practical properties. If you are thinking of including a bamboo, Gold Stripe may just be the one for you. Unlike most other bamboo varieties, Gold Stripe does not need a lot of space to flourish, making it ideal for gardens with limited space or narrow beds.

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