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Dendrocalamus Asper

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Large tough asian construction/shoot bamboo.  Several variations for example, Green, Indo-clone and Hitam (black).  Please email us to check availability.  Special planting advice required.

Grows 20m and best in rural settings.

Dendrocalamus Asper

The Dendrocalamus Asper, also known as rough bamboo or giant bamboo, is a clumping variety and just as beautiful as all the other bamboos. It does, however, grow as tall as 20m and with a diameter of 12cm. This bamboo is as tough as they come. Even with the many benefits of bamboo, this one is special because of the qualities it possesses. The giant bamboo releases more oxygen than trees, and if the soil is suitable, it can grow up to 100cm a day, which is fast compared to average growth rates. The actual shoot can absorb excess water minimising the risk of soil erosion or landslides.

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