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Buddha's Belly True (Bambusa ventricosa)

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Size Pot: 200mm
Mature Height: 7-10m

True Buddhas Belly

Bambusa ventricosa has gorgeous bulging culms and is a great stand alone ornamental, which can be contained and cut to height. Looks great pruned to just one culm/pole, or even a few. Stressing it every now and then with little water, makes the bulges grow bigger.

In the ground can grow up to 8m, but in a pot can be pruned and maintanted down to just 1-2m.

Poles are ideal for craft, or temporary table ware. i.e. cut poles for bowls or cups. 

If planting near to fences, root barrier is recommended.


  • Grow 6-8 metres
  • Position-full sun part shade
  • Treat it mean to achieve more swollen internodes
  • Great in a pot
  • Planting guide: 1.5-3+m distance between plants
Plant Details
Spacing Guide

1.5-3+m distance between plants

Size Guide
Planting Guide

Options for delivery:

200mm pots - by courier box (1m tall box) - order through the website. For larger orders we hand deliver from Brisbane - Sydney each month.

300mm pots & 45L bags - Van drop or by pallet for larger orders. Please contact us with your address for a no-obligations shipping quote.