Bamboo Tools - Saws/Pruners/Trimmers

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Bamboo Cutting & Finishing Tools...

Essential bamboo equipment - Japanese quality steel ideal for bamboo works:  Cutting, trimming and finishing.   With the right equipment the job is safer easier and more fun.  We trialling many bamboo saws over the years, we recommend Tajima brand products.  Note: Splitters are available by order.  New Mitre box is a must have for frames, and cutting poles to join.

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Swivel Mitre Box

x $66.00 inc. GST

A new product - this Mitre box is designed for Bamboo - to cut poles accurately on an angle.  It should be a great asset for anyone

doing precision bamboo design or building.  Look forward to your feedback.

Tajima Japan Pullsaw 265 image

Tajima Japan Pullsaw 265

x $35.00 inc. GST

Nice lightweight interchangable blade saw for cutting & trimming and finishing bamboo poles. Spare blades are available - see below.

Special note:   Recommend this for lady gardeners - plus  great for all gardening work not just bamboo !

Tajima Spare Blade 265 image

Tajima Spare Blade 265

x $19.90 inc. GST

Replacement blade for 265 pullsaw.  Bought individually these will last and can be used when blunt for pruning other shrubs/plants.

Store in dry place to avoid rust.  If you wish to purchase additional blades with a saw you will receive 10% discount.  

Tajima Spare Blade 250 Fine image

Tajima Spare Blade 250 Fine

x $17.80 inc. GST

250 Replacement blade for 265 Pull saw - gives a finer cut for finishing.  Can be used on other diy wood projects as well. 

Tajima Pruning Saw G10 image

Tajima Pruning Saw G10

x $58.50 inc. GST

Good quality steel - Japan made folding saw with strong rubber handle for removing poles from clumps. 

Used here regularly for cutting bamboo poles, can be used on other tree branches, or larger bamboo poles

This also has a replacement blade available.

Shown top picture.

Fits well in a pocket and stays sharp for ages.  Makes cutting bamboo poles easy and preferable to a chainsaw for small quantities.


Bamboo advisory.  Always wear thick gloves, and safety clothing when cutting or working with bamboo.  Its incredibly sharp.

Also recommend harvesting in winter and treating for longevity of poles

Tajima G10 Pruning saw Blade image

Tajima G10 Pruning saw Blade

x $19.80 inc. GST

Replacement steel blade with strong teeth for G10 Pruning saw. 

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x $132.00 inc. GST

This heavy four prong tool is made for splitting bamboo.  Its made from forged metal and is heavy.  Please contact us for information on

splitting bamboo - which varieties to use and how to finish.  Care is required but this tool really makes the job easy.

Orders in advance would be appreciated.

Note:  Shipping cost needs to be calculated at time of order.