A Variety of Summer Shoots/Shots

Bamboo Shoots

In Summer between December and February (usually) you will see bamboo send up new shoots. This can be a rapid process.  Its also an awesome sight..at Tallawong my numerous varieties of bamboo offer quite a spectacle. In time these new shoots will harden and become new culms/poles, which are ornamental/and or useful.

This can be an awesome sight.  Multi-coloured, striped, furry, smooth you name it !  Rain and warm conditions offer us a new visual with our bamboo garden, seen only for a few weeks (depending on the variety).  These new shoots break thru the earth pushing upwards and within a few weeks telescope up to the sky.

These are also an edible product, high in protein or Yang.  Used in Asian cooking and regarded highly for their nutritious qualities.  Some though are more tasty than others. Use in stirfrys, but always cook !

Suggested varieties to grow for shoots; Bambusa Oldhamii, Dendrocalamus Asper, Dend. Latiflorus.  Raw edible: Nastus Elatus (New Guinea Green).  

My Thai customers also like Albostriata and Timor shoots.  Harvest now... strip and cook for 20 minutes, refresh water and simmer for another 20mins.  To reduce bitterness add a handful of rice when cooking.

Note:  I am often asked if you harvest the shoots can you grow bamboo from them - a definite no- once the shoot is cut it is only good for cooking - also the culm that its taken from will not grow.