Bamboo Gift Box #1

A great gift idea. Box 1 = 1 Chinese Dwarf (which can go in the ground or in planters). Himalayan weeping bamboo, 1 Multiplex Willowy. 1 Boniopsis - 200 mm pot size.  These  grow fast to create a mini bamboo or Japanese  garden.  All are hardy "go anywhere - grow everywhere" varieties.

Suitable for small gardens - courtyard or balcony.  All plants can be kept in pots.

Lovely gift.

NOTE: Courier cost is additional. Will range from $25 local area $35-00 Sydney $45 Melbourne. 

Gift Pack #2

Bamboo Gift Packs

Suitable for a courtyard or  smaller garden.  For warmer areas. 

Comprises:  1 Chinese dwarf, 1 Alphonse Karr, 1 x Tiger grass,  1 x  Ginger.    Pots size 2oomm and smaller growing bamboos.  All these can be grown in pots. Most are slightly cold tolerant species. i.e. will go well in non frost areas.

Bamboo Gift Box # 3

This is an ideal gift box for most areas - where a non invasive  screen is required from neighbours -- top selling Slender Weavers Bamboo - three   200 mm pots will provide a  4-5 metres of privacy within 3 years.  A green fence which most people love.

Also receive 2 x Chinese dwarf bamboos which offer a bushy smaller screen to 2-3m or can be kept in large pots as can Slender Weavers.

Planting advice will be sent with box. 


*While Stock lasts*


Freight is additional will range from $25-$50 depending on area with Fastway for 1 large box. Note: metro zones.