Best Screening Bamboos

Bamboo for Sydney

These days with our busy lifes your home needs to be a quiet sanctuary even more so when you live in a big city.

We get a lot of calls from Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong -  people desperate for some privacy. Most people are checking in to see which varieties we recommend specifically for that region. Often they also need specific landscaping and maintenance advice. 

Being North Coast NSW we have a similar climate so we know our recommendations work well - we can also send by courier fast and efficiently to your suburb within a couple of days.

We have supplied the non-invasive clumping species listed below with great success:

  • Gracilis (Slender Weavers Bamboo)
  • Bambusa Boniopsis
  • Multiplex Goldstripe
  • Himalayan Weeping Bamboo
  • Multiplex Goldstripe
  • Nepalese Blue
  • Chinese Dwarf 
  • Tiger Grass
  • Ghost Bamboo

Tropical Bamboos

Bamboo for Sydney

If your garden is coastal and frost are non-existent you may also like to try these species.

  • Timor Black
  • Java Black
  • Tiger Stripe - G. Marga
  • Gigantochloa Wrayii

 Please Note:  For Tropical varieties and also Heliconias and Gingers they will do well as long as you remember to build up your garden bed with composty soil, nutrient rich organic material, and water well.  Before Winter and early Summer mulch.