Bamboo Charcoal Fertiliser (Small Bag)

Bamboo Charcoal Fertiliser (Small Bag) will be enough to mix into the soil for  4 - 6 plants (depending on size of the pot).

$15.00 (inc. gst)

Bamboo Charcoal Fertiliser

Bamboo Charcoal Fertiliser AVAILABLE NOW!

The BEST natural carbon rich fertilser! Holds moisture and slowly releases nutrient minerals into the soil. Bamboo charcoal alkalises acidic soil and absorbs toxins to purify. The best part? It is chemical free and made from one of the most eco friendly resources on earth! 

We make all our charcoal from our own bamboo, which is spray and chemical free and grown right here on our farm in Byron Bay.  All our landscaping products (new range available soon) are high quality, eco friendly and made from Australian grown clumping bamboo, grown and processed on site.   

How is Bamboo Charcoal made? 

Making quality chacoal is a much more involved process than simply burning the offcuts from bamboo in a fire pit. 

Our charcoal is made using a specialised kiln, to minimise oxygen levels in the burning process and ensure the biomass (bamboo) reaches a high temperature of around 600 degrees celcius. During this process the charcoal is steamed to open the pores, activating it. The charcoal needs to be activated in this way to increase the surface area, which allows it to hold moisture, absorb toxins from the air and soil,  as well as breaking down to release  nutrient into the soil as efficiently as possible. 

Bamboo charcoal can also be used in composting toilets as a deoderiser and has many more applications. Feel free to contact us for further information.