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Bamboo Plants Sydney

Byron Bay Bamboo: Top Resource for Bamboo Plants in Sydney

There has been a massive rise in the popularity of bamboo plants in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia. In fact, bamboo is likely one of the most popular plant choices for gardens throughout Australia, and for good reason. Regardless of the style you choose for your garden, bamboo seems to fit in nicely–not to mention the fact that they come in quite handy as a natural screen or windbreak.

Several bamboo species feature among the country’s most popular garden plants. In addition to being very attractive in the garden, bamboo is versatile and hardy, easily withstanding everything the fierce Australian weather can muster. Byron Bay Bamboo stocks a wide range of bamboo plants at affordable prices.

What You Should Know About Bamboo for Sale in Sydney

Bamboo is decidedly versatile in that you can plant it as a hedge or a screen to provide some privacy in your garden, it could act as an effective windbreak, or it could just be an attractive feature plant. It is also fast-growing and requires very little in terms of maintenance. It is vital to make sure you get the suitable species of bamboo for your application.

  • We stock a wide variety of bamboo plants, among them Slender Weaver's bamboo, in Sydney. Ideal for use as an attractive, living privacy screen, they grow very quickly once established and will easily block out a double-storey building in a short amount of time. They require a good amount of water until they are established, and after that, they are drought resistant and evergreen, with minimal leaf dropping, meaning you can even plant them around pools.
  • Between running and clumping bamboo, in Sydney, the clumping variety is most popular. This is mainly because the running type requires a lot of reigning, or they tend to become invasive. We carry different varieties of clumping bamboo, among them Chinese Dwarf, Goldstripe, Slender Weavers, Timor Black, Ghost, Emperor White, Nepalese Blue, and many more.
  • Looking for the perfect hedge? Consider Gracilis bamboo in Sydney. This species is the most popular bamboo in Australia. It can be planted in narrow beds and forms a lush, dense screen that will be fully grown within as little as 18 to 24 months. Once established, it is drought-resistant, and it fares well even in colder conditions.

Why You Should Use Byron Bay Bamboo to Buy Bamboo in Sydney

We are a prominent supplier of bamboo and bamboo growing tools in Sydney. We carry a wide range of bamboo species, carefully nurtured until they are ready to be deployed in any gardening application.

  • We love what we do, and that is evident in the care and attention we pay to our growing plants. Our plants are healthy and robust and should quickly adapt to the conditions in your garden. Each plant comes with detailed planting instructions, as well as tips on how to care for your plant.
  • Our convenient online store allows you to browse through what’s on offer at your leisure from the comfort of your home. The check-out process is simple and secure, making for a pleasurable shopping experience.
  • We offer a range of shipping options to our customers in QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC, and South Australia. Wherever you are in the country, we can have your plants sent off to you without delay.

About Byron Bay Bamboo

We are a prominent supplier of bamboo plants and planting tools in Sydney. We pride ourselves on our extensive range, excellent quality, and exceptional customer service.

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