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Bamboo Plants Melbourne

Learn About Bamboo Plants in Melbourne

Bamboo is one of Nature’s most versatile plants, as the different species are as variable in size, shape, and usefulness as the clouds in the sky. You can use them as ornamental houseplants, screens, and hedges, or fashion flutes and fishing poles from the culm. Even bio-plastics are made from bamboo. It is also the preferred food of pandas. Buy your bamboo plants in Melbourne from our online nursery and enjoy the convenience.

Fast Facts About Clumping Bamboo in Melbourne

Bamboo is a type of grass and found worldwide in almost all climatic conditions. The various bamboo species are often divided into two groups based on their rooting (rhizome) characteristics, being defined as either running or clumping bamboo. The differences between them are:

  • Running bamboo varieties have an independent underground stem from which the culms develop, termed leptomorph or monopodial rhizomes. In clumping bamboos, each rhizome turns upward to form a culm and is referred to as being pachymorph or sympodial in their rhizome structure.
  • Clumping bamboo does not follow the path of least resistance like the running varieties and therefore requires careful long-term planning in the selection and preparation of the planting site. They can be somewhat aggressive when confronted with obstacles, so it is best not to plant too close to structures, but their spread is slightly slower than the running varieties. The growth is circular, so plant them the same distance apart as the width of your bed.
  • We primarily offer the clumping variety of bamboo for sale in Melbourne. We have found that these are the best types for our region.

How Much Do You Know About Gracilis Bamboo in Melbourne

Gracilis bamboo (Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis’) is an extremely popular variety used as a low-maintenance screening plant along fences between neighbours because of its naturally upright form and lush green foliage. If the planting site is well-prepared and you regularly apply a slow-release lawn fertilizer, this will ensure rapid and healthy growth.

  • Typical height is between two and eight metres, with an extremely fast growth rate. Well-cared-for plants can reach a full-grown size in eighteen to twenty-four months. You can also trim it to the desired height. The culm are between 2 and three centimetres in diameter.
  • The typical footprint of a plant is roughly one metre. Still, under certain conditions, this can be reduced to forty centimetres, allowing for tight containment against fences, as the rhizomes are not aggressive. Also suitable for planting in pots or troughs.
  • It thrives in most Australian conditions, as long as the soil is well-drained. Once established, the plants are drought-resistant and can tolerate frost. Full sun to part shade will result in healthy plants.

Byron Bay Bamboo will help you choose the best bamboo variety for your application and provide solid advice on its planting and care. We will ship your new bamboo plant right to your door anywhere in Australia. Contact us with all your questions and buy bamboo in Melbourne.

About Byron Bay Bamboo

At Byron Bay Bamboo, bamboos are our business if you have questions about our inventory or the best ways to care for them, get in touch with us.