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Bamboo Screening Gold Coast

Preserve Your Privacy With Bamboo Screening in the Gold Coast

Are you looking for some much-needed privacy? Why not consider planting some bamboo for screening in the Gold Coast? Privacy has become a precious commodity in Australia and the rest of the world. As urbanisation continues to be the norm, we find ourselves living ever closer together. Populations are becoming denser, and often, not even your own backyard is entirely private.

Practically, aesthetically, and economically it does not make sense to build a wall high enough to block out the neighbour’s one-story balcony that looks straight onto your back yard – the one place where you should be able to let loose, relax and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about who may see you.

Benefits of Bamboo Screening in the Gold Coast

There are many ways to try and increase the amount of privacy you enjoy at your home. Unfortunately, most of these are costly, not to mention that neighbours may find them unsightly. Bamboo screening along the Gold Coast has seen an upsurge in popularity in recent years, and here’s why:

  • Bamboo has been used for thousands of years for its versatility. It is quite sturdy, able to thrive even in less than perfect conditions. It will easily withstand even the harshest Australian weather, being quite resistant in the face of colder and drier conditions.
  • You don’t need to wait very long for an effective natural screen to form. Most bamboo species are fast-growing and will reach heights of approximately three to four metres – more than enough to block out a one-story building effectively. Some species form a dense growth that can also act as a wind and noise barrier.
  • Most neighbourhoods should have no problem with a natural bamboo screen. There are, after all, much less visually appealing ways to block the view to someone's backyard. Bamboo screens are quite attractive, and in addition to acting as a screen, they can be a lovely aesthetic addition to your garden and the rest of your community.

What Sets Byron Bay Bamboo Apart Regarding Bamboo Screening in Gold Coast

Bamboo is an exceedingly versatile and varied plant. This ancient grass comes in various species, each with its distinctive features that may make them preferable to homeowners. Most bamboo species are ideal, whether used as a beautiful natural screen or as an ornamental element in your garden.

  • We stock a wide variety of bamboos, including Malay Dwarf Variegated, Goldstripe Multiplex, Chinese Dwarf, Gracilis, Tiger Grass and more. Our professional team can furnish you with excellent advice regarding the type of bamboo that would best suit your application, given the available space, preferred height, and other factors.
  • We offer fast and efficient shipping services to our customers across Australia. We also provide convenient local hand delivery across Byron Bay, across the Gold Coast. Receive perfect plants hand-delivered to your doorstep.
  • Our customer service is beyond compare. Our friendly team is always standing by to help. We even give advice based on photos, so if your bamboo struggles to thrive, we’re the people to call.

About Byron Bay Bamboo

We are prominent purveyors of bamboo plants in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. We offer a wide variety of bamboo species at affordable prices.

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