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Bamboo Plants Brisbane

What You Should Know About Bamboo Plants in Brisbane

People rave about Bamboo plants in Brisbane for good reason. You can use them for several functional needs, such as masking unsightly views on your property or giving you some additional privacy from your neighbours. How, you ask? At Byron Bay Bamboo, we have over 30 varieties of clumping bamboo in Brisbane. Although our name suggests our residence is in Byron Bay, we service all cities, including Brisbane. In fact, our screening Gracilis Bamboo in Brisbane is the solution to this very problem of trying to hide things such as double-storey buildings or apartments and sheds.

  • The best choice for screening. Gracilis Slender Weaver is classified as a screening bamboo and is our best-selling screening bamboo because you can easily manipulate it to use as you need and has this magical ability to mask that unsightly view quickly.
  • In the ground or a pot. What is excellent about Gracilis is that you can plant it in pots and planters to serve as a screen or hedge or plant it in soil. If you opt for the former, you will need over half a metre for a garden bed.
  • Quick results. Another reason this type of bamboo is so popular is that it grows quickly, meaning that the building next door or that unappealing wall you are trying to hide will be masked sooner rather than later.

When Buying Bamboo Plants in Brisbane, Consider This

If you have wondered how we deliver when you buy bamboo in Brisbane, it is vital to note the following: we take great pride in the quality of our bamboo plants and how we transport and care for them during transportation.

  • Preparation before and during sending. We place your plant in recycled materials and biodegradable bags and water it for you to ensure proper care during transportation. Only then will we send it in strong and sturdy boxes to avoid any damage. Bamboo survives the journey to cities and inland incredibly well, so you do not need to worry.
  • Open carefully. Once you receive your plant, remember that our boxes are special plant boxes roughly one metre high, and with soil, the weight can add up very quickly. Remember this when managing your expectations for shipping costs. We will also provide you with a tracking number and website tracking link to keep you in the loop every step of the way until your package arrives at your doorstep.
  • Free planting guide. When you receive your plant, we want to ensure that you know how to continue caring for it. That is why we send you a free planting guide filled with information on ways to plant your Gracilis bamboo, how to care for and maintain it.

If you are in Brisbane and excited to use our Gracilis for screening, then be sure to contact us with your order.