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Bambusa Boniopsis

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$68.00 - $158.00
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Boniopsis (Bonnie) - Also known as Jade Goddess is a favourite for smaller gardens and to cover a fence.  Traditional bamboo appearance. Ideal as a to hedge / dense screen.  Also works well in pots and planters.


  • Grows average height 3-4 metres - 1 metre wide
  • Finer bamboo similar to Gracilis
  • Position-Slight Shade/Full Sun
  • Great hedging plant
  • Leaf grows to bottom of ground
  • Suggested planting width - 1m - 1.5m centre to centre between plants

Great stock available in 200 mm pots right now - typically they are 1.2-1.5m tall.

We can send 5 x 200mm pots per courier box. For larger orders, or the 300mm & 45L bags please contact us 
with your full address for a no-obligations shipping quote.

Size Pot: 200mm
Mature Height: 3-5m