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Alphonse Karr (Bambusa mulitplex cv Alphonse Karr)

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Bambusa Multiplex - var. Alphonse Karr - 4-5 m traditional bamboo. Shows blushing pink new shoots, yellow and green striped culms growing to 3-5cm wide. Lovely green leaves. Does well in full sun to temperate climates rather than humid areas.

Also great in Canberra, Victoria and places that get heavy frost.

In a snapshot:
Common name: Alphonse Karr or Aussie Gold
Latin Name: Bambusa multiplex cv Alphonse Karr"
Mature height: 4-5m
Typical pole diameter: 3-5cm
Bamboo Plant Shape: Upright, open vase
Landscape use: Hedge, 1-storey screen, feature plant
Unique plant features: Pinkish shoots turn green and yellow striped, upright poles good for screening
Good for pots and troughs?: Yes
Climate suitability: Full sun to part shade
Hardy to: -12°C
Planting guide: 75cm-1.5m distance between plants

Great stock available in 200 mm pots right now.  We can send 5 x 200mm pots per courier box. For larger orders, or the 300mm & 45L bags please contact us with your address for a no-obligations shipping quote.

Bamboo Alphonse Karr

Bamboo Alphonse Karr has many different uses, including culinary, construction, furniture, musical instruments, and the paper industry. However, we are not going to bore you with that. This bamboo is the ultimate show stopper for your garden. It’s a lovely plant and one that can withstand different weather patterns. This type of bamboo is a clumping bamboo, not to be mistaken for running bamboo. You see, clumping bamboo does exactly what it says and clumps together, not pushing your other plants out of the way.

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Size Pot: 140mm
Mature Height: 3-5m