Chinese Dwarf (Bambusa guangxiensis)


Bambusa Guangxiensis - Chinese Dwarf - is a thick lush green bamboo - ideal for trimming and hedging or just letting it grow into a beautiful screen. Regarded as a dwarf variety - the size depends on it's growing/soil/watering conditions, but typically grows 3-5m. Likes a well draining soil - and trim it back regularly to refresh.

Variety of pot sizes are available.  Please contact us for more information. Larger order or 300mm pots may require shipping by pallet - contact us for a quote.


  • Thickest green smaller bamboo.
  • Position-Sunny exposed to rough terrain.
  • Great bamboo for hedging enthusiasts to create round / square shapes.
  • Grows 3-5m, though is typically planted and hedged nicely 1-3m tall.
  • note if planted in a container Chinese Dwarf will grow smaller than listed (all bamboo will grow smaller into their pot size).

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rachael Vance

Fast and friendly service,
We were very happy with the condition of the plants and would definitely purchase again !!

Sue Rees
Chinese dwarf bamboo

Bamboo delivered in perfect condition and very quick to arrive. I have dealt with this company before and again it was a very good experience.

Robyn Scholz
Great plants and service.

Whilst it took a little while for the plants to be posted I only have great things to say of this company. Plants arrived alive and well and were well packaged and loved during delivery. Great quality plants to brighten up my week of lock down! Thank you

We're sorry it took so long to get them out the door... covid has slowed deliveries down in some areas... and we didn't want to risk them sitting in a warehouse for too long. Glad they got delivered on time, and we're told all freight is up and running again smoothly now. Appreciate your patience!

Shellie Bowen
Very pleased

My bamboo looked great on arrival, the service and advice were fantastic. Would definitely recommend.

Juanita McNamara
Super happy

Chinese dwarf bamboo arrived in great condition. I had these delivered to my mum's and the service was fast. Mum said the delivery guy was really lovely. I'm going to order 10 more, since they're so good! I have a very large balcony, living in the CBD, and have very large pots and planters to place them in. They are going to be perfect for screening because I have a big problem with a nosey neighbour, constantly trying to look over my balcony wall!

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