Client's Gardens

This is our  'Show Off' page - our clients' Gardens  -  so people can get an idea of how bamboo works in real life. 

We get lots of calls asking 'which what and how' from all around Australia from potential clients wanting bamboo in their garden or property.  

A smart idea to take a before and after photo as often time goes by and we forget how bad the visual was and don't realise how quickly everyting grows.t.

These pages are aimed to be helpful to new customers wanting to see what can be done and the positive examples are a very good reference point for all of us. We also have a lot of repeat clients who come back and rave about how well their bamboo has grown.  We love a happy ending at Byron Bay Bamboo !

Photo left is only a tiny glimpse of Terry's wonderful garden.  He has bought over a dozen different varieties of bamboo from me, he uses low growing shrubs to accent rocks, and zoysia (no mow grass) which grows well in an ariable soil. This little courtyard area is really nice.

Cheryls' Himalayan Weeping Bamboo

Client's Gardens

At Christmas I received some photos from Cheryl from Forster saying how fast her Himalayan weeping bamboo has grown, its even handling the coastal wind.

In a front yard area under the eaves it does have a bit of protection.  She can keep this plant at 2 metres or less if necessary.

Drepanostachym Falcatum is a delicate, fine leafed variety - it would be our top selling smaller bamboo for those people wanting a touch of wispy foliage to add a gentle screen or feature.

Robert & Viv Bangalow

Client's Gardens

Robert has sent in another photo of his driveway screen of Chinese Dwarf in Bangalow near Byron Bay.

He had trimmed it every few months to achieve a really compact tight hedge.  Looks awesome. 

Robert is very happy with this variety of bamboo - and we appreciate you contribution (he received a gift when he came to buy more Chinese dwarf recently). 

Kayes bamboo garden

Client's Gardens

This is a renovation of my own backyard incorporating bamboo screens, an arch small pond, river pebbles, bamboo and already exisitng Gracilis, and China doll tree.  I have used all the Himalayan varieties which only grow small on the sheltered shadier side.  

On the Eastern side is a large Timor kept minialist, another Gracilis and lots of tropical palms and gingers.

Michaels' fast growing bamboo

Client's Gardens

Michael was so happy with the speed his bamboo has grown he sent me these pics. He planted in September '11.

Thank you -  He had these sent to him much less than 6 months ago, and Himalayan Weeping has provided a very pretty back drop to his Deck area and has still got some growing to do.

This bamboo is perfect for a slightly shady area where a delicate backdrop or feature is required.

Chris & Johns Tropical Garden

Client's Gardens

John S sent me this kind note along with his photos:  "This garden here a Gulmarrad  in the Clarence Valleywas only started from a bare 1 acre 2 years ago .  We have had to import soil to build raised beds above the heavy clay soil,  and the plants have done well with regular feeding .

The tiger grasses were initially given shelter with shade cloth as this is a breezy site ,  but now seem very happy without any protection as they get plenty of run-off water from a gentle slope and are fed a little grass fertilizer at regular intervals 
The Chinese Dwarf bamboo (not so dwarf here) has made huge growth this summer and loves its position where it gets some shade from banana plants on its southern side. We can't believe that it is only 18 months old.

Chris and John are now regular customers and we enjoy discussing the speed in which their bamboos and grasses have grown.  They have done a magnificent job of creating a lovely private tropical garden .... other plants featured are gingers, Lillipillies, ornamental grasses etc. 

Orchard screened - Kiwi Oldhamii

Client's Gardens

On my recent trip back to New Zealand in Northland we observed so many roadways planted with Bambusa Oldhamii.  It looked sensational, growing straight and green and protecting this Apple Orchard just past Auckland on the way north to beautiful Whangarei and Bay of Islands.

I was so excited - yes can't go anywhere without spotting bamboo.  This photo was taken at dusk. Bamboo was planted just over 1 metre apart to give a great screen.  It grows smaller there due to the climate.  Some overly zealous Kiwis even keep them trimmed !