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Tallawong is a 21 acre hinterland property just north of Byron Bay (10 mins from Byron CBD). A boutique business operating from a unique property, home to many mature stands of bamboo and other wonderful exotic and tropical plants. Northern Rivers NSW has abundant rainfall - perfect for sub-tropical bamboos; living in a mini rainforest environment everything thrives here - its a magic area.  The property is home to a large variety of birds and wildlife, a small Koala colony has been sighted living in the Redgums recently.

Owner Kaye Wood has been developing Tallawong as a Bamboo Farm for nearly 10 years and now has over 95 species planted, with a view to promoting bamboo for environmental uses as well as pleasure.

The business has moved from a small nursery to wider internet based plant seller and an exciting focus on bamboo poles as timber, plus providing a customised product for weddings.    We harvest, treat and sell bamboo poles for a mirade of uses, sporting events, tipis, musical instruments.  



Some History imageBamboo cirlce - planted by J & L McLarenSome History

Several years ago a bamboo circle was created and now features mature plants such as Dendrocalamus Calostachys, Monastery, Mexican Weeping, Bambusa Longispiculata, Brandsii, B. Vulgaris, Textilis Textilis and the Thorny B. Blumeana.  One of the oldest Moreton Bay Figs in the Byron Bay area stands in company with a huge majestic Dendrocalamus Latifloris and Guadua Angustifolia - they tower over more recent arrivals such as the pretty Ghost Bamboo, Chinese Dwarf and Alphonse Karr. Now over 90 varieties are planted for propagation, timber and collectors interest.   

The aboriginal name "˜Tallawong" we have been told means "˜Place of Birds" - understandable - every sunny day the property is abundant with as many species of birds as there are bamboos! Nearby Possum Shoot has its own history - where timber was  cut and sent down the hill or shoot (hence the name) to be carted away. 

In 2010  the business expanded ito include bamboo poles harvested from organic varieties growing here.  Poles are not imported and most cut to clients needs.  Our resource is mature and valuable.

In 2011 an on-line shopping service was successfully established to offer alternative transportation and varieties to customers around Australia. 

In 2012 we are offering a customised bamboo pole service, and starting small exports of special bamboo timber to New Zealand, as well as being involved in a University study which will hopefully see bamboo accepted as a high tensile building material in the future.

Our Mission imageOldhamii at dusk Our Mission

To give you really good plants that don't fail.   Advice thats real.  Solve your screening issues. Provide a service thats second to none. Invite you into the world of bamboo... even if its only one plant  or ten to provide your home with tranquilty and privacy... or make you fence disappear.  A little something thats special and enlightens your life.  It could be a ginger or heliconia or a baby Panda bear, or a set of poles which make your DIY project special !

Sometimes it seems impossible to visualise a backyard or balcony that is green and serene.

Thats where we come in.